When we understand our capabilities, boundaries do not matter

When we begin to think about systems, and how good systems prosper, we might envisage a farmer diligently cultivating his land.
The farmer understands that they are a beneficiary of natures 'good will’. To alter the cogs, as it were, of such a great system surely is a failed road they must strive to avoid.

The farmer knows their capabilities. The farmer has seen all that nature has dealt, the farmer understands that time is their benevolent dictator.

The farmer recognises their own measurable level of effort capable, for if they do not then nothing shall ever be done! The…

A humbling understanding of a user and their experience of a web page

Auditorio de Tenerife
Auditorio de Tenerife
Photo by Claudia Lorusso on Unsplash

As performance enthusiastic (!) software engineers, we put a considerable amount of time into measuring the performance of our systems. Sometimes to prove we are doing-the-right-thing™, other times to discover we have not done the right thing.

Many times, however, we lose sight of the purpose of our creation when we focus on measurement.

In our world — software engineering — we are in the business of creating applications that help a user do “something” useful and — desirably — for “it” to be a pleasant experience in a “simply-functional” way.

For all our efforts measuring performance and thus optimising…

Ian Thompson

Senior Software Engineer interested in Systems and Control Theory

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